War Report

Prince Commander Irgog Sir,

With the invaders on the invasion, we’ve transferred the refugees in the camp to one of the empty districts. They’ve settled in with food and supplies and should be comfortable. Despite the vocal protests of House Crevir, we are not crediting it to their account as per her Highness Majesty’s Orders. We have also, Huara help us, sealed the gates of Queenswarren and suspended all outgoing trade for the time being. While several houses have withdrawn troops (cost cutting measures they claim), we still have a small number of Merchant House Mercenaries left at our disposal.

The current troop count (we rounded up, as any of us would do in this situation) is as follows:

100 Tunnel Guard (The entire bulk of our forces!)
300 Militia Rats
10 Swordstucks
20 Assorted Humans
50 Ratfolk Mercenaries (A gift from the merchant houses)
50 Dessert Mercenaries
10 Bird Women
50 Alchemists

That puts us right under 600 men of varying degrees of combat experience. The defenses seem to be in good order. The cracks in the gate are currently being sealed by House Zhit Instant Epoxy which they claim is the best Epoxy this side of the Queen’s District. Meanwhile, House Agzekch is busy at work on Operation Angry Cloud. Something about gliders and explosive. The Tunnel Guard Diggers are hard at work setting up the required system of tunnels. However, do to your recent orders to “enlarge” them, the crews are falling being schedule. They’ve managed to set up several Kill Tunnels but the network under the battlefield is taking some time.

As for the enemy troop numbers, the first scouts are just now returning. According to preliminary reports, they have their own sun under their control! Several of them bravely retreated at the sight of such a monstrosity but according to one brave scout, it was larger than Auntie Zhila record-breaking Potato. Other reports claim the regular sized scaly monsters are riding even larger scaly monsters of varying sizes. Some are as big as Queenswarren’s Prized Dire Rats while others are of such a scale we lack a farm animal to compare them to. One of the Alchemists offered to use his algorithm he uses to calculate mushroom spore production to predict their troop numbers, but current estimates put them around six thousand.

Your Humble Servant,
Scout Struot

P.S. A missive has arrived from Sanctuary moments ago. Who knows what it says.

War Report

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