Ratfolk Cuisine

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Pikeroot – Yucca-like root with a thousand uses

Mole Meat – Salted/Brined/Pickled/Alchemically Treated Tastes awful by itself

Mole Milk – Bitter and off-putting

Mole Butter – Gross as mole meat

Cham – Fish Sauce – Ratfolk Ketchup
Mushroom Ketchup – Yum!

Bat Meat – Tastes great…if you can catch them

Blind Cave Fish – The source of most fish meat

Sweetbeats- The Source of all Sugar

Rocknuts – Shells are hard at stone but they can grow anywhere

Crevirmite – Vegemite!

Mossflour – Ground up moss used to make bread and more!

Queenhair Root – Used to make an earthy tea

Sweet and Sour Mole Bites – Pickled mole meat fried in butter, and tossed with a sweetbeet and crystalberry* glaze. Served on a stick or alongside a cave green salad.

Mole Buns – Mole meat slow-cooked in a cham-based sauce until tender enough to shred. Cooked meat is stuffed into a ball of boiled-and-pounded pikeroot mash, sealed tight, and fried until golden.

Rocknut-Crusted Fillets – Cave fish fillets salted and coated in mossflour and crushed rocknuts. Grilled or baked.

Rockfish Roja – A whole cave fish, grilled directly on a heated flat rock and periodically basted with Crevirmite. Served over a plate of mashed pikeroot and grilled mushrooms. Drizzled with its own fishy-Crevirmite gravy.

Rocknut Spread – Rocknuts crushed and pounded with oil to create a smooth spread. Popular on bread and biscuits.

Mossflour Bread – A heavy, greenish loaf of bread with a coarse crumb and thick, sturdy crust. Often baked into shapes for children, or sliced and served with toppings.

Mossflour Beignets – Puffy pastries leavened with carbonated spring water and wild yeasts. Fried in fat and dusted with sweetbeet sugar.

Pikeroot Crisps – Julienne-cut strips of pikeroot fried crisp and salted. Served with a dipping bowl of cham.

Mashed Pikeroot – Pikeroot boiled and lightly mashed with milk and butter. Seasoned heavily with salt, badger’s bite*, and cave greens.

Businessman’s Boon – Pikeroot, boiled and pounded into a pliable paste. Formed into small flat rounds to resemble coins, and fried until golden. Customarily gifted to new merchants as a show of good faith.

Plumplings – Rounds of mossflour dough wrapped around a meat, fish, or cave bug filling and crimped shut at the top. Can be boiled or fried. Resembling plump purses, these pastries are said to bring money and good fortune.

Ratfolk Cuisine

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