Merchant Houses

While the Queen is officially the ruler of Queenswarren, most of the political power is held by the various Merchant Houses within the city.

House Vrenohl – Purveyor of Fine Food and Drink

House Rothgalt – Artifact Hunters and Scholars

House Scrigkok – Dealers of Vice and Sin

House Scrik – Purveyor of Affordable Apparel

House Nhiji – High Fashion and Style

House Torik – Textile Conglomerate

House Kikto – Negotiations and Trade Canters

House Fremmihm – Kitchenware and Kitchens

House Ferrika – Books and Publications

House Crevir – Agriculture and Assorted Foodstuffs

House Camvir – Livestock and Assorted Meatstuffs

House Agzekch – Engineering Goods and other Wackiness

Merchant Houses

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