A man who's fists do the talking


The only life Jhain has ever known is the monastery. That is, until the day Master Ader instructed him to go out into the world and learn its ways and continue his training alone.
Jhain had never ventured far outside the perimeter of the training grounds. He had never known his birth parents, or been to a city.

He stood at the front gate of the monastery, what few belongings he had in a cloth sack tied to a walking staff. Master Ader left him with these words: “Push your limits. There is no greater obstacle than yourself. Remember your training.” Moved, Jhain had a difficult time responding. “How will I know my training is finished?”
was his response after he was able to choke down the tears. Ader placed a hand on Jhain’s shoulder. “You will know.” Ader bowed to his pupil. Jhain deeply returned the gesture, and quickly followed the faint dirt path leading away from his home.

Once Jhain reached the main road, there was small bundle of linen tied in twine. Jhain stopped to examine it. Inside was a tunic bearing the school’s symbol on the back. The clothing was clearly very old, but it was clean and well kept. The tunic was carefully folded in the bundle with a letter addressed to him. “Beware of the students of the Dragon school out in the world. They will surely challenge you.” Jhain bowed in respect to his teacher, and continued on his way.


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