Age of Awakening

Grippli Preservation Project - Entry Six

Entry Six

It’s ready. After weeks of preparation, the habitat is complete. Days of collecting samples of flora and fauna finally over. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to trap enough giant insects for a project this size? I opted for the nasty things to die in the cold, but my assistant insists they’re necessary to their ecosystem.

The first wave of Grippli have arrived. Thanks to our confederate, this former chief of theirs, we are well on our way to a sustainable breeding population. I’m still not sure exactly how Saria managed to trap them all within the span of a single night, but either way they seem oblivious to their new home.

Saria was able to make contact today, a bit too early if you ask me. The soft-hearted girl thought the poor creatures were in peril when faced with a dragonfly the size of a horse. The goal of this project is not to coddle the Grippli, but to elevate them! If they are ever to grow as a people, they’ll need to muster the courage to stand up against bigger foes than just some giant pest. At least she was met with kindness instead of poisoned spears.

I’ll continue to monitor their progress as we seek out more of their kin. Our time is running short, though. It grows colder by the day and the remaining Grippli won’t survive the coming weeks. My people may have doomed their existence, but at least I can give them a chance to live on…

Vamir Neleththor
Grippli Preservation Project Curator



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