Age of Awakening

Diary of Jhain

He knew he was dreaming. It was the same dream he had been having for the past few months. It was based on a favorite memory Jhain had. Just he and the master, training one on one. The training hall warmly illuminated by the morning sun, tinting everything with yellow rays.
It was silent, save for their movements on the floor and the shuffling of clothing. Master Ader had perfect form, moving with grace and power. Jhain followed along as he had done a thousand times before. He knew it was a dream, but it made him happy.

“I’m proud of you, Jhain.” Ader stopped mid form. “You’ve grown much stronger since I saw you last!” Jhain froze. This wasn’t right. That isn’t how the dream goes. “Master….?”
Ader laughed at Jhain’s confusion. He stopped performing and faced Jhain instead. “Show me just how much!” Confused and excited, Jhain bowed and took a defensive stance. Ader wasted no time with his assault, coming at Jhain with the ferocity of a man in his prime. Moving inside Jhain’s guard, Ader grappled with Jhain and threw him with ease over his hip. Landing with a hard thud, Jhain laid on the floor too confused to get up. Ader laughed and offered him a helping hand. “Looks like I’ve still got it!” Ader chuckled standing over Jhain. I see you’re wearing my wraps! How do you like them?" Jhain had never seen his master so healthy and cheerful before. Jhain reached for Master Ader’s hand and was shocked to see they were both wearing the same wraps. “I don’t understand…” Began Jhain.
“I’m sure you have a lot of questions. We don’t have much time today, however. Yes, I am dead.” A smile crossed his masters face as he saw Jhain look even more puzzled.
“We can continue your training here! I’ll teach you something tomorrow that should help us train together more often!” Jhain stood “Wait!” His master bowed to him the training hall grew bright with light until everything was drowned out by it.
Jhain sat up and looked at the training wraps on his hands. He had been too tired to take them off from the previous night of training. He removed them carefully and set them aside, sighing heavily. He dressed and washed his face, trying to make sense of the dream. He pushed the thoughts away as best he could. There were things he had to do today.



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